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The easiest guide to beautiful eyebrows

A beautiful face is a well-proportioned face. A well-proportioned face depends, among other tings, on eyebrow that suits your face. Eyebrows frame the face. You can easily get perfect eyebrows with this very simple guide. I have used Jane Iredale's Great Shape Eyebrow kit to get the perfect results.

1. Start by brushing your eyebrows to get an idea of ​​their growing direction.

2. You can use a thin brush or a stick to see where your eyebrow should start, end and where the arc should be. You can use a thin white eyeliner to point. See the white lines on the guide image.

4. Pluck the hair just below the eyebrow, and avoid plucking too much or too high. Again, you can use a white eyeliner to mark the area to be plucked.

5. As a rule you never pluck above the eyebrows. You can, if you have long or bushy eyebrows, trim the hair with a small scissor at the top.

6. Now that you know where your eyebrows should start, end and where the arc should be, you can start fill  them.

There are several ways to fill or mark your eyebrows. With Jane Iredale's Great Shape Eyebrow kit I have chosen the 'powder' method, which I think gives a beautiful and lasting result.

The kit contains a pensel with a round brush at the end, one powder, available in both brunette and blonde and a wax. Besides the kit being super luxurious and in a nice design, it has a perfect size and also includes a mirror, so you always can bring it with you and use whenever you want. The powder is water-resistant and is actually very covering when it comes to gray hair. In addition, the product is completely natural, parabens-free and free from synthetic colors and waxes.

If you need extra perfect and lasting brows, use a primer before you mark and fill your eyebrows and a highligther just below the eyebrow. It provides a longer lasting result and a beautiful glow.

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Good luck girls <3

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