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Pink Molécule – Zarkoperfume


I have fallen in love with a perfume that smells so wonderful on me. Pink Molecules from Zarkoperfume. It is unique as it smells different from person to person. It is very feminine and sensual. It is both innocent and sexy at the same time.

Zarko Pavlov who can call himself Denmark’s only perfume artist has managed to create scents from the Nordic nature and Pink molecules are almost made for me. The aroma is spring mixed with dark tree notes, elder flower, black orchid and pink molecules.

My husband thought it smelled so nice on me that he gave it to me. It has become indispensable.

PINK Molecules – 090 · 09 – The Heartless One – 100ml – 700krZarkoperfume_pink_molecule_ghinwa_habta_2

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