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New hair color- naturigin

So I haven’t changed my hair color for a while because I wanted to relax it. It was pretty dry and I’ve spend precisely a year just conditioning it and treating it well till it got really healthy and now I needed a change! I had to do something to my hair… Something new… I needed a makeover yet without drying my hair. It took me like 3 weeks to make myself actually do it! I’ve had ombré blonde for almost 2 years now. Andmy hair simply needs a rest (from harsh colors) and I basically need a makeover….

Anyways! As I said… It took me 3 weeks to figure out wether to do it or not and also to figure out what color! If I had to go blonde again, my hair would definitely dry out! So I chose a chocolate brown color from the Danish brand Naturigin. The product is almost clean from harsh and harmful chemicals plus it didn’t itch or smell at all while applying it.

imageThis is the first time I try this type of home coloring and this brand! I’m very pleased so far! I just have to get used to the fact that I’m a full brunette now. Which is kind of refreshing plus I actually think it’s pretty!





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