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My absolut favorite lipstick at the moment!

I love mineral makeup and it’s no secret that Youngblood is one of my favorite brands when it comes to natural parabene free makeup.

I just bought one of their lipsticks in the color Barely Nude. It’s as the name says in a nude slightly dusty pink tone. Very natural and good for a daily makeup or any kind of occasion basically. I like that it’s not too shiny and not fully matte.

I like to always keep my lips moisturized and even before I put on my lipstick I moisturize my lips a bit. Not everyone has perfect soft lips. And if you like me live in a country with cold weather and don’t use some sort of lip balm, you’re gonna have dry and cracked lips. And that’s not a good basis for a lipstick. So moisturizing is the first key to beautiful lips.


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