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I love what I do

Something that I really like working with is makeovers that transform women with easy and simple tricks without major changes like hair cuts or colors etc. With simple steps you are able to create great results.

A technique that I use a lot with makeup is countouring. It’s a technique that helps you frame the face. It highlights and beautifies your facial features using dark and light tones of foundation, concealer and powder.

When it comes to hair and hairstyles I prefer to keep it simple and sexy. Wild hair updo’s sprayed with great amounts of hairspray or well formed spiral princess curls is something that I don’t work with. I have a standard and a style and that is something I will always stick to.

The results always speak for themselves! Watching the client or model’s reaction is something that makes my glad.

I am looking forward to sharing my work, makeovers and photos with you.





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