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Insane results with Power Rich – Dermalogica

The product that changed my believes on whether anti aging creams really works or not is this one or these, Power Rich from Dermalogica.

I can tell you this. There is no such thing as a cream that can eliminate your wrinkles. But there’s definitely products that can slow the process of aging skin and reduce wrinkles.

I used Power Rich for a course of exactly 7 weeks as a deep nourishing treatment and by week 4 or 5, people was asking me wether I had had Botox or a cosmetic treatment! The difference was insane. The glow, evenness and spotless skin was insane! Of course this is just a course and when it ends you go back to your regular routine with a more healthy and beautiful glowing skin. You can repeat the treatment ones or twice a year!

My Nice Magazine post in English:

Power Rich: The best creme ever

Forget all about expensive injections with skin boosters. This product does the same and even more. Whether you are looking for anti-aging or improvement of the skin quality, Power Rich did it all. You will experience visibly smoother skin, more elasticity and visibly improved skin quality.

Power Rich from Dermalogica’s Age Smart Series, is a product consisting of five small tubes of anti-age intensity creams.

It’s a 5-10 week treatment course. Each tube lasts for 1-2 weeks. Once you have opened a tube, it must be used within 2 weeks. This is due to the fact that the tube’s ingredients are of pharmaceutical strength and the ingredients will lose their effectiveness after the 2 weeks. This also makes sense why the product is divided into 5 tubes.

Power Rich is so intense that you don’t need an eye cream or a booster, for the period of time you use Power Rich. It contains everything the skin needs and more.

It is important to emphasize that this product is a kind of intensive cure. It is therefore recommended that you use it once or twice a year to boost and renew your skin. Then you go back to your normal skin care routine. If you have many signs of aging and sun damage, you can easily use the product over a longer period of time.

Power Rich is without a doubt a powerful treatment. I have used it for 7 weeks and my skin has clearly gotten better. My forehead and the areas around my eyes look more even, smoother and improved. My skin feels hydrated and deeply moisturized. I generally look more healthy and fresh. In addition, my pores seem much less visible which has been a fantastic bonus.

Power Rich must, without a doubt, be tested before you really understand what this cream really is capable of.

You can purchase Power Rich on NiceHair and read more about the product on my page on their online magazine Nice

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