“Hey… So why aren’t you blogging lately? And what about those makeup and styling videos you were going to do?”

Okay, let me just start by saying that I might wanna change the blog name ilovestyle because at the moment there’s not much styling or any of that in my life. Therefore not so much to blog about. In fact I don’t even have time to go buy myself something nice (I’m lying- I bought a lot of makeup but that’s more for work right?! And it was online ?). It’s just been busy – work and kids.
We went on a nice vacation but it was like those crash diets where you loose a lot of weight and when you get off you put it all back on plus some more… Yeah, that was me de-stressing and relaxing and when I came back home all the stress and fuss came back plus some more.? But it was a nice trip!

Seriously, mommy life is a great blessing but I’ll be lying if I say it’s been easy. And it seems like you’re a total freak when people ask “without an aupair?” Yes we don’t have an aupair. I think it’s a Lebanese or maybe “wealthy people” thing to have an aupair or two around.
No, definitely no aupair just me with my tired face, tired body and continuously weight fight trying to get rid of the last 7-8 kg that I gained while breastfeeding -yes you read it right -while breastfeeding. So it’s basically running around after the kids trying to fit in work projects and laundry. It’s chaos sometimes to be honest with three little children especially when our 9 month old baby keeps redecorating our living room… “Maternity leave” I guess… Well, thank God always no matter what cause still we are truly blessed ❤️

See you soon



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