Tromborg Mineral Makeup – Creamy Eyeshadow #4

Tromborg Mineral Makeup – Creamy Eyeshadow #4


Tromborg has an amazing mineral makeup line dressed in a beautiful minimalistic and very exclusive design. The quality of the makeup is of course top notch and is made of 100% pure minerals from nature, which I personally love.

I have recently added a new beautiful reddish / copper-like shimmering color to my collection. It is called Creamy Eye Shadow # 4 and it is super easy to work with. You can tone it off to a more shimmer like light shade with your fingers or apply it in to be more intense in color. I’ve tried it a few times and I am in love with it already.

Bottom image is a very simple application where I dabbed a little on my finger. Remember that with creamy eye shadows, you must either prime before applying and / or “set” it with an eye shadow after application. Otherwise you probably have to refresh just with your finger during the day or evening, as it sets in the eye folds.



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Imagine being able to wear a makeup so light and velvet and so smooth with a naturel coverage. It doesn’t even contain chemicals or other ingredients that can be harmfull to your health! These particular qualities are essential for me when I buy makeup. With a great discount, I bought these two luxury products from Youngblood. Pressed Mineral Foundation, Toffee and Sundance Pressed Mineral Radiance Sun powder.


I have loved and used Youngblood for many years. The brand was my first crush when it comes to mineral makeup and my feelings have not changed ever since. Sure, it happens sometimes that I buy other brands of mineral makeup, but Youngbloods foundations are in particular good for me, because of their skin tones that fits my tones really well.

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation is super easy to use and it provides a great coverage. You get soft and smooth skin. The design is super smart and handy.  You have a sponge and a mirror available for a quick fresh-up. I wash and scald the sponge quite often to avoid any contamination.

Mineral Radiance Sundance solar powder is just as easy to carry as the pressed foundation. It doesn’t provide a coverage which is totally fine as it gives an amazing glow. It is divided into four shades, a brown / copper, peach, gold and nude. All to highligte different parts of the face. It’s an amazing product.


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