Tromborg Mineral Makeup – Creamy Eyeshadow #4

Tromborg Mineral Makeup – Creamy Eyeshadow #4


Tromborg has an amazing mineral makeup line dressed in a beautiful minimalistic and very exclusive design. The quality of the makeup is of course top notch and is made of 100% pure minerals from nature, which I personally love.

I have recently added a new beautiful reddish / copper-like shimmering color to my collection. It is called Creamy Eye Shadow # 4 and it is super easy to work with. You can tone it off to a more shimmer like light shade with your fingers or apply it in to be more intense in color. I’ve tried it a few times and I am in love with it already.

Bottom image is a very simple application where I dabbed a little on my finger. Remember that with creamy eye shadows, you must either prime before applying and / or “set” it with an eye shadow after application. Otherwise you probably have to refresh just with your finger during the day or evening, as it sets in the eye folds.



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Pink Molécule – Zarkoperfume

Pink Molécule – Zarkoperfume

My new number one ;)


I have fallen in love with a perfume that smells so wonderful on me. Pink Molecules from Zarkoperfume. It is unique as it smells different from person to person. It is very feminine and sensual. It is both innocent and sexy at the same time.

Zarko Pavlov who can call himself Denmark’s only perfume artist has managed to create scents from the Nordic nature and Pink molecules are almost made for me. The aroma is spring mixed with dark tree notes, elder flower, black orchid and pink molecules.

My husband thought it smelled so nice on me that he gave it to me. It has become indispensable.

PINK Molecules – 090 · 09 – The Heartless One – 100ml – 700krZarkoperfume_pink_molecule_ghinwa_habta_2

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As a mother of 3 now, I am kept really busy. After giving birth to my youngest daughter a few months ago, I have literally done nothing but being a stay at home mum! I am crazy in love again. I can’t describe how much love a mother can have for yet another child.

In spite of shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, nursing and whatever else that is a part of my everyday life, I am actually enjoying my maternity leave. It’s going to be interesting to see if I still feel the same way in 6 months from now ?

I’m not 100% able to put work aside. This spring, I am booked for some jobs where I can have my baby with me. I don’t t like to say no to my clients and I like to keep myself just a little bit in the game. And actually, it is a great pleasure for me to make women even more beautiful and make them feel amazing on their special day❤️

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Photo and styling

Photo and styling


I had a wonderful day with my friend and model Rebecca, doing makeup, hair, styling and taking some photos.

We took some in different styles and moods.

I kept her hair natural weavy/curly. Rebecca has lash extensions which gives her these wow eyes you see on the photos. The makeup was fresh and natural but still sexy.

Hope you love the photos!


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I’m Back on the blog

I’m Back on the blog

I’m so happy to be back! My blog and webpage has gotten a nice facelift. The blog is ready, but my portofolio and the rest of the webpage still needs a bit.

Thank you selected bloggers love being a part of you.

See you all soon. Kisses
Fotografi den 29-09-14 kl. 10.41



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