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“Hey… So why aren’t you blogging lately? And what about those makeup and styling videos you were going to do?” Okay, let me just start by saying that I might Læs mere

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New Color – Sparitual


A new hot color to my beautiful collection of SpaRitual Vegan nail polishes. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of SpaRitual, their products and philosophy. It is the only Læs mere

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Pink Molécule – Zarkoperfume

My new number one ;)

I have fallen in love with a perfume that smells so wonderful on me. Pink Molecules from Zarkoperfume. It is unique as it smells different from person to person. It is Læs mere

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As a mother of 3 now, I am kept really busy. After giving birth to my youngest daughter a few months ago, I have literally done nothing but being a Læs mere

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Overknee boots – outfits

Processed with Moldiv

I’m so into the “over knee – oversize” outfits at the moment! I find it so sexy and cozy at the same time. I have found some inspiration on Pinterest Læs mere

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Sparituals – Nailpolish and topcoat


      Ever since I discovered the nailpolishes from Sparituals I haven’t been using any other brand. One of the reasons are that the polishes are free from poisoners Læs mere

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