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Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Blush Kits

This is my go to blush kit at the moment. I tend to have difficulties sometimes to find a blush that has a color that fits my skintone. They’re usually to light or too reddish. And this Gradient blush kit really does it for me. I really like how highly pigmented Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup products are and this Blush kit is definitely no different.

It comes in two different palettes each with four full-pigmented colors! I got the Gradient palette that you can see on the photos and the four colors, vegas, dusk, chocolate and blackberry all really fits my skintone.

I was really really surprised when I did the first stroke on my cheeks for the first time. It was so pigmented that I looked like something from the 80’. ?

Obviously it’s a buildable blush which means you slowly build and blend your blush and you actually don’t need much of the product to make the color appear and get the result you need. The colors dusk and chocolate are really great for contour too! Not everyone has time for a full creamy contour session everyday, so these colors are really great for a fast dry contouring. 

I am wearing Vegas

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