My name is Ghinwa. I am 32, Lebanese of origin and a proud and busy mother of 4 girls.

I’m an educated designer, but my talent and passion for makeup, styling, beauty and photography, led me other ways in life so far.

I have more than 15 years of professional experience. I have worked on photoshoots, movies, tv, magazines, runway shows, celebreties and weddings. I have had hundreds of brides from around the world.

I have worked with photography the past 6 years. I love doing personal shoots like morning gifts, beauty shoots and kids. It is to your advantage that I do the makeup, hair, style, photographing and editing. I even have a private discreet printing service that offers imidiate printing.

My style is very international. I have worked with contouring and highlighting techniques all my professional life and long before it became popular. My signature look is a sexy bombshell look.

I simply love transforming woman! Making others feel and look beautiful is my passion!

You can follow me and my blogs here and on www.nicehair.dk

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